February 24, 2010


Three and a half weeks into this Biggest Loser Challenge, I've already lost 12 lbs. and with all the excercise I'm doing, I can definitely feel the difference in the way my clothes fit. But with 60+ pounds to lose, I wouldn't expect anyone else to notice any difference yet.

This morning at breakfast, I noticed 6 yr.old Granddaughter staring intently at my stomach as I sat there sort of hunched over (not a good pose for someone with too much tummy) and I thought "Uh oh...what's coming...?"

"MIMI!! You are getting un-fatter!!"

I LOVE THAT GIRL!! She could tell I was "un-fatter" after only 12 lbs.!

WOO! HOO!.......progress and validation already, with 11 1/2 more weeks still to go!


1 comment:

Grace and Joy said...

Love G's comment! One of my favorites!! Unfatter is a great word.