July 1, 2009

New math?

It's time to buy a new sewing machine.......
I've been using my trusty workhorse Kenmore that I got for my 18th birthday in 1975....that's 34 years, people!! Even though it still works great most of the time, it's starting to get a little tired and occasionally temperamental, always at the worst time, of course.
Also, Daughter uses a Kenmore that she got for her 18th birthday 17 years ago and now that she is obsessed with quilting, she's finding it impossible to get the right quilting foot for her out-of-date machine.
AND...with all the granddaughters learning to sew....well, that's enough justification for me!
Moore's was having an anniversary sale on a lot of their machines so I ran right on over there.
Check this out.......(pay attention to the numbers)
This Babylock Grace was on sale for $899.00
(Babylock is the same as Brother)
and this Babylock Serger was $599.00 (I've dreamed of owning a serger for a long time)
OR.....you could buy them both together for.......(drumroll).......$699.00 ????? HUH???
You don't need to be a bookkeeper (which I am, by the way....) to know that this equation doesn't compute! What is this, some kind of new math? Even if I never even open the box on the Serger I'll be saving $200.00 on the regular machine!!
Well I'm no idiot....I'LL TAKE IT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
......stay tuned for lots and lots of completed quilts and all sorts of serging craziness between our two households!
(now if I can just conquer threading the serger.... I know, I'll make one of the Granddaughters figure it out...aren't kids always geniuses at figuring stuff out better than us older folks?)


Kathi D said...

Congratulations! Great deal!

I bought my (Pfaff) sewing machine and serger from Moore's several years ago.

Grace and Joy said...

Hi Nicki,

Your machine looks like the exact one that I bought a few months ago and really love. Mine is a Brother Project Runway model, but just the colors look different. Have fun with it! By the way, what happened to your other new one getting repaired. Did you do a trade in?


pipnmillycreations said...

Great deal! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the new serger. I got one last year and love it. I might even be getting faster at threading it now. It used to take about 20 minutes!