July 22, 2009

the cobblers children have no shoes.......

I walked into Daughter's kitchen the other day to find #3 Granddaughter (8 3/4 yrs.) making cookies in her suddenly little, teeny, tiny horse apron that I think I made for her in kindergarten!
I said to her "Abbey! What on earth has happened to your apron?! Did it shrink? (HA! wishful thinking, Mimi!) I think it's time to make you a new apron!"
She happily dug through my stash and picked out (of course) puppies and kittens.

A few days later....

TA DA!!......much better!

I have made so many aprons in the last few years (well over a hundred I'm sure) I don't know how I've managed to neglect some of those people that are right under my nose every day......

Oh, wait!.....I feel an opportunity coming.....after all, there are plenty of rapidly growing Grandkids around here.....I think it's time for me to take an apron inventory....so I can GO FABRIC SHOPPING!!.....and MAKE MORE APRONS!!!

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