February 2, 2009

Weekend update & a movie review

Well.....I didn't quite meet my entire sewing goal for this past weekend, but close enough for my own personal satisfaction, and that's what counts here, right?

3 out of 4 Chicken aprons completed:

I especially like the one with the yellow trim. The yellow fabric reminds me of corn or chicken feed, so I think the two fabrics really compliment each other. All are for sale in my Etsy shop. (Kathi D. don't you need a chicken apron?)

I also finally made myself my flannel grasshopper pillow case, that I originally posted about here a long time ago

it only took all of 8 minutes....well, actually 8 months and 8 minutes!

(ATTN: Heather...spoiler alert!)
I didn't get everything made for Christmas that I wanted to, so I'll be mailing off a box of Avocados to my Sister in Seattle and including this tote bag made from a re-usable shopping bag with photos of her kids appliqued on both sides
and 3 furry fleece scarves, one for her and one for each of her 2 youngest daughters.

so Heather, if you're reading this, keep an eye out at the end of week for a PERISHABLE package from me.....don't let those avos freeze on your front porch!



OK.... so I watched MAMMA MIA while sewing on Saturday and I defy you to see this movie without wanting to do the following;

1. ....plan a vacation to Greece IMMEDIATELY! I've alway wanted to go there anyway and now you just try and stop me!

2. .....be best friends with MERYL STREEP! I read on IMDB.COM that Olivia Newton-John and Michelle Pfeiffer were both considered for the role and the producers didn't originally want Meryl Streep, but she really pushed hard for the part and she was GREAT!! You can tell she (and the whole cast) are just having a blast making this film! (if you love movies and don't visit this site regularly to check out every movie you watch, bookmark it and start using it. The trivia on each movie is the best part!)

3. ....start going to Karaoke....and believe me I've never in my life cared anything about Karaoke! I don't even sing to myself when I'm alone, but suddenly I understand how people can be obsessed with Karaoke....YAY! for ABBA!

This was such a fun, uplifting movie. It wasn't the best thing to be watching while I was trying to sew, it was too distracting! I usually put on something that I've seen a dozen times and can just listen to, so when the sewing was done I watched it a second time to give it my full attention!.....I'm going to watch it one more time tonight before I return it to Granddaughter. Definitely 2 thumbs up!!

....what an excellent weekend!


Kathi D said...

Oh! I am so glad you loved Mamma Mia like I do! I did the same thing--had it on while sewing the first time, so "had" to watch it again (and again).

I love your chicken aprons! However, I have been on apron-making benders and I have a couple of chicken aprons, and worse yet, I never remember to put an apron on. I just get "whatever" all over what I happen to be wearing. I blame ADD!

Grace and Joy said...

Thanks for the spoiler warning...but I couldn't help peeking. I thought that Christmas was over! We'll keep our eye out for the yummy package.