February 22, 2009

Dear Gram......

Dear Gram....
I am 4 now. I was so excited to get my own mail from you with a Wal-Mart card!
Today Mimi took me to Wal-Mart.
When we were driving in the car I told her that Wal-Mart was my favorite place in the whole world and the library, too, because you know I want to be a Library Guy when I grow up....
First Mimi asked me if maybe I wanted to get some new clothes but I told her NO THANK YOU!
Hmmmmm....... I've been wanting some new playdough, but I always get in trouble when it gets stuck in the carpet.......
I really like pirate stuff but Legos cost too much money. I only had $10.00 and Pirate Legos cost WAY more than that.
HEY!! They have the Playmobile stuff that I like and there's even pirates! ...and knights and gladiators, too!
I got 3 sets of Playmobile and they're way better than Legos anyway!
Thank You, Gram! I really love these new toys and I got to get an Oreo McFlurry, too!
Being 4 is really good!

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