February 4, 2009

SSEN Valentine Apron Swap (sent)


Rules were simple: send a marvelous Valentine apron, Valentine goodies, and a note revealing your identity. "Just make it a package you would love to receive!"

my partner was KELLY K. from Lagrangeville, NY. (Hi Kelly!)

Here is what my package to Kelly included:

The one apron I made 2 weekends ago during my 6-apron-frenzy-of-a-weekend that wasn't for the ETSY shop.........

a half-apron made from a Valentine tea towel that I found at Wal-mart. The ties are wide grosgrain ribbon and I added a pocket made from scraps leftover from one of the other aprons.

Also one of my favorite furry fleece scarves that went over so well with my family at Christmas. And Kelly tells me this is even her favorite color, how about that!

And last but not least,a yard of cute Valentine fabric and some Valentine ribbon for a project of her own AND an embellished spiral notebook, one of my own personal favorite things.

Oh, yes, and of course a bunch of avocados. I always enjoy sending these to non-Californians. They are always so appreciative!

I've already heard from Kelly and she really loves her whole package.

It's so satisfying to feel like you've made someone happy, especially a secret partner that you don't know. I've really enjoyed this swap... Thank You so much Lucy and Shawnee for doing a great job and putting in so much time and effort to make this such a wonderful swap......

I'm going out to the mailbox right now to see if Mr. Mailman has brought me my package yet! So much fun to get a secret package! Although I can honestly say I think I enjoy the sending even better than the receiving!

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Paula said...

What a pretty apron! I am sure your swap partner was thrilled! Did you put the photos on the group place for Flirty/Sassy on Flickr? There are some really pretty aprons there...I am intimidated about some of them...my sewing is not up to the standard of many. I am a new sewer and have a lot to learn!