February 7, 2009

Just call me June Cleaver.......

My package arrived from my secret partner in the the "SUGAR AND SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE VALENTINE APRON SWAP" and I was NOT disappointed!! I've been in enough swaps now to know you can never be sure how things will turn out...you are supposed to send a package that you would love to receive, and sometimes the results make you wonder....(???)

HOWEVER...such is not the case with my fabulous package from Paula B. from Newnan, GA. Here...see for yourself:

BEHOLD the lovliness of my new "June Cleaver" Apron!!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That really is Battenberg lace and pearls you see! PEARLS!! Pearls and lace for my new apron! Isn't it lovely?

Look at the details on the pockets

I put it on immediately and started to make some dinner, and then it hit me....What the heck am I doing? This apron is not going to get stained and messy! I'm keeping this one for special occasions. (I never saw June Cleaver with any stains on her apron!)

To top it all off she made a cute little appliqued fabric gift bag full of goodies: candy, cookies, hankie, and some charms and buttons.

When I e-mailed Paula to let her know how much I loved everything, she mentioned that she was new at sewing and this was only her 3rd apron. She has been teaching herself to sew! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Well, I immediately examined the apron closely (sorry Paula, I couldn't help myself...) and I DON'T THINK I BELIEVE HER!! I'm telling you Paula, your workmanship is lovely and some of it is better than mine, and I've been sewing for 35 years!

Keep up the good work Paula and I know I'll be running into you again around Apron-Swap-Blogland-Apronista-site world....


Kelly said...

Hi Nicki! I am so glad you liked your apron from the swap. It looks like a real beauty. p.s. I made guacamole for my boss' surprise bday party yesterday and it was huge success. Thanks again.

Sarah said...

SO pretty! I like the lace.

Paula said...

You make me blush! I am so thrilled with your comments! Better yet, I am so glad you are happy...this is my second swap and the other swapper didn't say too much about my apron and I didn't even receive one myself! I debated about doing another one and you made it all worthwhile! You are a very nice person!

disa said...