January 26, 2009

The Sweet Hearts Collection

Mission accomplished!!

I got all six aprons finished by 11:00p.m. Sunday night....

Five for the ETSY shop (I'll be posting them on Wednesday)

and one for my partner in the Sugar & Spice Apron Swap. As soon as I finish a couple of other little projects to complete her package, I'll be mailing this one off to New York, along with some avocados.

Some of these have my new adjustable criss-cross straps that I "borrowed" from Lucy over at My Byrd House....Thanks for the idea Lucy!! This apron style is sooo comfortable....no neck strap, which can be bothersome. It also makes the apron more flattering to a fuller figure (trust me, I know...)

It sure feels great completing a goal you set for yourself, even something as small as completing 6 aprons in a weekend.

Starting with the small goals and working up to the bigger ones......that works for me!!


kbell said...

Those aprons are so cute! Great job meeting your goal.

Chris said...

The aprons are adorable.
I want to thank you too, for stopping by my blog earlier. It must be really tough having TWO chefs in the family!

Kathi D said...

I couldn't pick a favorite--they are all so sweet!

Shannon said...

Mom...they all turned out so cute! Which one is for me? (Just kidding!)

Lory said...

Kudos! They're beautiful. :):):)

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When you get a chance, feel free to pass the award along.


Sheri Howard said...

Your aprons are so sweet....I really like the back side of the last one!!!! Thanks for a look at my blog, and thanks for sharing all 25 things about yourself...you are one of only a few people I know who like brussel sprouts, did grow up eating them?