January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

I've been tagged from several different directions to do a list of 25 random things about myself.

Even though I can't imagine why anyone would care about reading these things about me, I have to admit I really enjoy reading other people's lists.....

So...here goes the randomness:

1. I got married and had my 1st baby at 16.
2. I had my second baby at 18 (and 3rd at 23)
3. I became MIMI (grandma) at 37!
4. My first name is NICOLA and in 51 years, no one has ever gotten it right the first time.
5. I wish I could be a writer professionally....Pat Conroy and John Irving inspire me.
6. I could eat chips and salsa with a diet coke (lots of ice) every day.
7. I am a nightowl... I always think of one more thing, then one more thing to do before I can go to bed.
8. I own 5 pairs of Crocs (all different)...they're better than barefoot!
9. In my early 30's, I played so much Women's soccer that at one time I was playing 7 times a week on 4 different teams.
10.I have NEVER once in my life left my bed unmade.

11. I love cookbooks. I often read them from cover to cover, just like any other book.
12. I think I'm addicted to my Neti Pot (don't tell anyone...that's probably kind of weird)
13. I really enjoy doing laundry. The whole process...sorting, folding, organizing.
14. I like hanging laundry on a clothesline. I miss being able to do that.
15. Spiders and snakes don't bother me, but I'm TERRIFIED of grasshoppers!
16. I have been behind the same desk, in the same office, at the same avocado company for 24 years.
17. I am really good at looking in a refrigerator and making a decent meal out of whatever I find.
18. I am a list maker. Every day for all kinds of reasons. I once even made a list of lists!
19. I use Mentholatum for everything....chapped lips, cuts, burns, scrapes...my sons once said I'd probably put it on a bullet wound
20. I once almost, accidently, picked up a rattlesnake (long story...)
21. I have tasted alligator meat and kangaroo.
22. I love condiments of all kinds: hot sauce, dressings, salsas, whatever. My fridge is very often 50% full of condiments.
23. I am VERY afraid of heights.
24. In spite of #23, and the fact that I'm also afraid to fly, I'd go up with the BLUE ANGELS in a heatbeat!!(??)
25. I love pickled beets, lima beans, and brussel sprouts (separately, not together!) which most people can't stand.

There you go all you taggers...more than you could possibly care about!!

Now, how about you?? Go make your own list of 25 things about yourself and then leave me a comment so I can come read YOUR list!


Beth said...

That was a great list! Very interesting things, such as eating kangaroo! wow! It took me a few dasy to compose my 100 things..

Kathi D said...

Yes, great list! A grandmother at 37? Wow!

I would love to be a grandmother, but I forgot to have children.