May 29, 2008

the Wednesday Phenomenon

I've discovered something very interesting.... I'm calling it "the Wednesday Phenomenon"....

Let me explain:

I recently posted here about my new work schedule, having Wednesdays off in addition to the weekends. Well......on a usual weekend, even a three day weekend like the recent one, I can never accomplish everything I plan to do. There never seems to be enough time to finish all the projects that need finishing, read all the reading material that is piling up, or try all the new recipes I'm anxious to try.The weekend is always over before I really get started.

HOWEVER, (here is the weird part) for the fourth Wednesday in a row, the day has seemed absolutely endless!! I sleep in, accomplish all I have planned, and still have plenty of day left when I'm done! And no, it's not because I make fewer plans.

Here's what this past Wednesday consisted of:

I slept in until 8:30.....
Ran errands for 2 hours, including a little fabric shopping (it was all for specific projects! really!)

Made a reversible apron for the FLIRTY APRON SWAP

and a dishtowel apron to go with it

I made my favorite MEXICAN MEATLOAF (ground turkey + turkey sausage + salsa + crushed nacho Doritos + cumin + garlic = delicious!) and tried cooking it in the crockpot (worked great!)

I made pizza dough in the breadmaker and cooked the pizza on the grill (w/fresh basil, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes)

I also grilled fresh pineapple to go with vanilla bean ice cream

I watched 2 movies (when did you last watch "Footloose"? I got the DVD for my birthday), got in plenty of computer time, and in between all of this, spent quality time with these two :

When I finally looked at the time it was only 7:30 p.m.! What the heck?? So much Wednesday still left........
Well I really don't understand this WEDNESDAY PHENOMENON but I'm certainly not going to question the weirdness of it.......

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