May 31, 2008

Summer Refreshment

I am NOT a hot weather person. I've never really enjoyed the beach or anything that requires wearing a bathing suit all day. I do not look forward to summer. I love wearing sweaters, sleeping in flannel sheets, and my cozy flannel comforter.

As summer is fast approaching and we have already had a few high temperature days, I share with you the ONLY thing good about this time of year:

I love Iced Tea, especially Sun Tea. Unsweetened with lots of ice. I can drink this entire gallon container by myself in two days (is it any wonder I have trouble sleeping?). It quenches my thirst like nothing else.

3 yr. old Grandson and 4 yr. old Granddaughter were helping me with the teabags for this batch and we were talking about why I put the jar out in the sun. As we watched the jar in the backyard slowly changing color I said " Look how the sun is making iced tea for us!"
Granddaughter replied, "you mean GOD is making our iced tea!"........WOW! out of the mouths of babes........
Iced tea will always taste even better now!

I'm going downstairs right now to pour myself a refreshing glass of tea that GOD made for me.......

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