May 26, 2008

3 day weekend

So what have I done with the first 2 days of this 3 day weekend? Make aprons of course! These are all for family members:
For my trout-fishing uncle:

two for my niece:

Bethany will be the head cook all summer at Quaker Meadow Christian Camp. A head cook needs more than one apron!

Because she is in her second year of nursing school, I found this perfect fabric with nurses and doctors on it.

and for Daughter :(who does not need another apron, but loves them as much as I do)

Daughter has a newly decorated kitchen in citrus colors with citrus slice accents.

Look at this PERFECT fabric I found, called "Fresh Squeezed" by Moda. I made her apron reversible because I love both of these fabrics and couldn't decide which one to use!

All these aprons completed and still one day left of this 3 day weekend. I think I'll make myself a new comforter for my bed with what's left of today.....

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