September 10, 2009

Project Runway, Junior Edition

I took each Grandchild school shopping again this year, one on one, except for #3 & #4 who like to go together. Because they like to have matching outfits I call them the "twin cousins". This year the girls couldn't find any matching outfits that they could agree on so they decided to design their own! They were thinking skirts and tops so we headed for the fabric department. They both instantly agreed on sparkly pink stars and butterflies and pink tank tops to match! Then it was up to seamstress MiMi to follow their instructions EXACTLY:
Skirts with sparkly stars on top and bottom and butterflies in the middle
They each chose a butterfly to be appliqued on their tank top
VOILA!! Twin Cousins once again....
and now that #4 is starting Kindergarten, they will be at the same school and are hoping to run into each other during the day, especially if they are both wearing their new Twin Cousin outfits!!

While we were looking at fabric, #3 spotted some fabric she absolutely had to have (I think she inherited that Fabri-holic gene that her Mother and I have!) so she designed herself another outfit.....
Stripes on the top and bottom and peace signs in the middle
Appliqued peace signs on a black t-shirt

She was VERY pleased with how it turned out

Look out Project Runway! It looks like we may have a budding designer in our family......

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Kathi D said...

So cute! My mom used to make clothes for me that I dreamed up. What a luxury!