April 4, 2009

a blog post for my peeps.....

Now that we're deep into the middle of "Peeps" season, I've noticed that are two types of people: Those who LOVE the nasty little things and those who think they're gross! There doesn't seem to be anyone on the fence. Even though I've never been a fan, not even as a child (don't take it personally Peeps, it's all things marshmallow), I really find all the current cultural hoopla very funny:

*The grandkids have a Peeps colorbook
*I saw Peeps jewelry in the store yesterday
*Lenox has a line of Peeps china.....CHINA!
*This guy has a website of his art, all made with Peeps
*This is a website of nothing but links to other websites about Peeps
*There seems to be a "cult" dedicated to microwaving Peeps to see what happens! (go to Youtube and search the word Peeps and watch some of the videos that come up)

Well....this year, for the first time EVER, I bought a package of bunny Peeps. I wasn't going to eat them (EEEWWWW!!), I needed one, just one, to trace for an applique project.

Then I threw them in the trash! No way was I going to feed that sugary-marshmallowy-crack stuff to the Grandkids while I was in the house with them!

This is what I made with the help of one of those crusty little guys: Easter aprons for the ETSY shop

HEY! I have a question for all you Peeps lovers out there....do they make good S'mores? I've always wondered about that! Not that I would eat one or anything....

.....and speaking of S'mores, now that I've said I hate marshmallows I have to admit that I discovered one way I did actually enjoy one: try this version of S'mores....it really was good!

Chocolate graham crackers
Chocolate marshmallows
White chocolate bar (or peanut butter cup!)

.....I can't believe I actually spent money ( .88 cents!) on PEEPS! I guess this just goes to show how far I'm willing to go for my sewing/apron addiction....


kbell said...

hahaha I might be a loner in my opinion of peeps. I'm on the fence. I don't love them, but I don't hate them. Really, they are "could take it or leave it" for me.

I love that you bought them just for sewing purposes. =)

Kathi D said...

I have to admit, I have never even tasted one. The looks of them alone is enough to gross me out.

Grace and Joy said...

Jillian got Peep flavored lip balm for her birthday. yuk. But, they make cute aprons!


Yarni Gras! said...

peeps? yuck.
I did get some 'ghost peeps' in a swap last fall and the kids used them in their hot cocoa....but they only used 2. The rest hit the trash.......

lynda said...

I wonder how long they'd last in a jar- I think they are pretty but to eat. ewww I e-mailed my daughter the sweet pic of baby eating a peep and told her I'd feed her kids peeps----if she ever has any. LOL

Cam Grady said...

okay I must be the only weird one out here I love peeps. leave them open for a day or two they are the best!