April 14, 2009

a REAL vacation......

I'm not one of those people who love to travel. I've been enjoying "stay-cations" as long as I can remember, long before that word was invented! But don't get me wrong, it's not that I haven't traveled anywhere. My mother has enough of the travel bug for 20 people, so by the time I was 16 years old I'd been to 40-something states and seen more things than I can even remember. I'd just rather stay close to home and sleep in my own bed and do all the homebody things I like to do. Add to that the fact that I HATE TO FLY and you can see why I haven't been on a real vacation in a very long time....
Well......last year, youngest Son moved to Cape Cod, and I knew I would have to change my way of thinking if I ever wanted to see him again..........so tonight I'm taking a red-eye flight from San Diego to Boston. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE KNOCK ME OUT AND WAKE ME UP WHEN WE GET OFF THE PLANE?? Actually, I've really been looking forward to this trip (except for the flying part) since this is a Mother/Daughter trip. Daughter is leaving Hubby and 3 Daughters at home to have their own Spring Break adventure while we go visit Son/Brother that we miss so much!
And of course this was a good reason for me to do some sewing to prepare for the trip so I dug into my scrap bag and made a few little goodies:
a fleece sleeve for my camera so I can easily slip it in and out of my purse:
a few luggage handle covers to make it easier to identify ours in a sea of all-the-same bags:
And then some projects out of the fabric stash.....
Son is a Chef and moved to Martha's Vineyard to work with a Chef friend who has a wife and 2 little ones. Since I have not met this family yet, I wanted to make them some gifts to thank them for being Son's "family" while he is living so far away from all of us here in So Cal.
Friend's wife was a Pastry Chef before becoming a Stay-at-Home-Mom, so I made her a pastry-themed reversible apron:
With two Chef parents, 3 yr. old son and 6 month old daughter need to have their own aprons of course!
They are also getting flannel blankets for the cold Cape Cod winters: bugs for the boy (I'm told he loves bugs and robots) and more cupcakes for the girl.
And here I sit at the computer, delaying the inevitable (couldn't we just drive there? How long would that take us?). We're leaving for the airport in 4 hours and I haven't finished packing yet.....
OK! I'VE REALLY GOTTA GO NOW......(must...get...on...plane....)

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