March 14, 2009

Maid Service anyone?

I was doing a little weekend house cleaning this morning and since I was doing the chore I absolutely hate the most, it occured to me how funny it is that we all have our most hated chores and those we don't mind so much, and how much they vary from person to person....


We have dark carpeting (and 2 pre-schoolers) and it doesn't take long for the stairs to get covered with stuff. I actually sort of enjoy vacuuming the rest of the house, which is every other day with this carpet, but the stairs are evil!! They get done MAYBE once a month. In between I use a sticky lint roller when I can't stand the lint and blonde hairs that really show up on dark plum carpeting. Is there some kind of magic vacuum or appliance that would make this any better for me? Any one have any suggestions?


I think it's the organizational aspect, the sorting, time planning (catch the dryer before cycle ends....I can't handle wrinkles!), folding, hanging........When my laundry is done I really feel like I've made a grand accomplishment!


I don't mind washing dishes by hand or loading the dirty dishes, but....well, I have no explanation for this one.


This one's obvious....wouldn't everyone have fresh, clean sheets every night if they could? This one also feeds into my liking to do laundry, a double treat for me!

This carries over into yardwork as well...I LOVE mowing the lawn, but I hate everything else about gardening and yardwork (don't even get me started on pulling weeds!)

I've been asked many times how house cleaning works in our 3 generation household. How did you decide who does what? Who cooks? Who cleans the kitchen or mops or dusts? The only explanation I can give is that we've never even really talked about it....if someone sees something that needs taking care of, you just do it. It's that simple. Everything seems to get done without any problems. It's been working for us for 5 years now, probably because we all seem to have different likes and dislikes so it all evens out! (except I have a feeling Daughter-in-Law hates vacuuming the stairs as much as I do!!)

I'm going to add a Gardner and a Maid to my wish list for when I win the lottery...but I'd probably just end up being one of those people who thinks they need to clean up before the maid comes!


Wendy Hagen said...

Stairs yuck. Emptying the dishwasher... ugh. I feel like I could have a full time staffer just to do the dishes.

Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

Your feeling is correct...I do HATE vacuuming the stairs. Which is why they usually look the way they do. Although, I must confess, if we had a mini-vac that was cordless (not the huge vacuum we have now to lug up and down the stairs) I would be more inclined to vacuum on a daily (ok, every other day) basis! The other thing I hate doing is mopping...which is why you see me using wipes when I see a dirty spot on the floor! Good thing the new flooring hides the filth, b/c we BOTH know how gross it really is! ;)

mommypie said...

Just found you -- your aprons are adorable! You need to check out (especially with two pre-schoolers!) and join the Etsy Mamas group! (Maybe you can swap for a maid -- ha!)

Kathi D said...

I hate doing laundry! I always forget it's in, and so I either have a wet smelly mess or a dryer full of wrinkles.

What about a small canister-type vac for the stairs? Not so much wrestling as the upright.

Lory said...

Funny, I don't think we've ever used the dishwasher here at home. I wash by hand....and it's not my favorite task.

Doing laundry is ok to me, but putting it away is something I dread. If only laundry would fold itself and place itself in the dresser...ahhh wishful thinking. lol.

But other than that, I have no issues with housework. I like seeing my house clean, and enjoy making it beautiful. :)