March 1, 2009

I Love kid's books!

I recently joined my first non-apron swap.
Since I'm so crazy about children's literature (see here), I was really excited to accidently find a children's book swap over at READING TO KNOW.
I was partnered with Jennifer and her 3 kids in Dalton, GA. We were to e-mail each other and discuss our book preferences. Her kids are 9, 7, and 4 mos. My grandkids are 5 and 4. We have so many favorite books at our house that it was really hard to decide what to send in our package!

I decided on "Bread and Jam for Frances", part of a series about Frances the Badger written in the early 60's. These were my favorite books as a child, then also the favorites of my 3 kids, and now all my grandkids favorites, too. I also sent "Love You Forever", a book I give to all new Moms whenever possible. Every Mom in the world should own this book! Jennifer tells me that she used to own it but lost hers during her last move and was very happy to receive a replacement.

We sent the two books:
and we made weiner dog bookmarks for the 3 kids:
Then.......look what Jennifer sent to us!
We received both the child and adult version of the "Marley & Me" books (the movie is currently at theaters starring Jennifer Aniston). That was so thoughtful of Jennifer to include a book for me! There was also this beautiful bookmark for me, too; a "real" one! No more Post-it note bookmarks for me!
And a bonus.....some yummy jelly beans to share......
This turned out to be such a fun swap! Even though I know there are swaps of every kind out there in internet-land, something for every taste and interest, I was a little surprised to come across this one that was so perfect for me.
Thank you Jennifer for adding to our library of favorite can never have too many books, right?

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad the kids liked the book! You can't ever have too many books I think, but then again don't ask my bookselves! Lol I like the post it is so cute.
Thanks for the great books and I hope you have a great day!