August 9, 2010

it's time for school already?

Since 1st grade starts on Wednesday, Granddaughter #4 ( 6 1/2) decided to whip up a little skirt for herself.........

She picked out her own fabrics and had a design in mind. My job, as assistant, was to do the measuring and cutting and to supervise to make sure it came out the way SHE visualized it! (oh, the pressure!)

She was SO pleased and proud of herself!

She even used a fancy flower stitch to pretty-up the bottom edge......

I'll bet she'll be the only 1st grader in her class who makes her own clothes!!!

(Assistant Mimi cut the panels a little too wide, making the skirt too long for my taste, so the sewing fairies just might make a few adjustments to shorten it after she goes to sleep tonight.....)

I sure do love passing on the sewing torch to future generations. Seeing kids get excited about fabric and projects and sewing machines/gadgets is one of the best things ever!


Yarni Gras! said...

oh my, that is precious....she did a wonderful job :-)
school started here the 9th......yuck

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